Know about Scatter Symbols in Online Slots

Know about Scatter Symbols in Online Slots

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The scatter symbol is crucial in forming winning combos and triggering additional features. As a result, it’s critical to understand the purpose of scatter symbols and the payouts linked with them so that you can modify your bets accordingly while playing your favorite online เว็บสล็อต.

How do Scatter Symbols work?

Scatter Symbols appear in almost all online slot casino games, from the simplest to the most complicated. The main purpose of these icons is to deliver additional rewards to the gamer regardless of where they appear. The Scatter Symbol, unlike the Wild Symbols, does not need a pay line to appear. Scatter symbols get found all across the reels, and they trigger a bonus if a certain number of them appear. Depending on the เว็บสล็อต game you’re playing, the scatter symbol can activate one of several additional bonuses. Remember that the scatter symbol cannot get replaced by any of the game’s wild symbols. The wild symbol can complete a pay line by substituting for other signs in the game.

Types of Ccatter Slot Games

Scatter Pays: Some video slots have a set of scatter symbols that do nothing more than award a cash payout if you spin in a specified amount of them anywhere on the reels. It’s worth noting that if you win a five-of-a-kind combination – that is, one scatter symbol on each reel in a single spin – the payouts can be massive.

Free Spins: When you land multiple scatter symbols on a slot game, you not only receive a larger payout, also activate the slot’s primary bonus game, which is extra free spins with more opportunities to win!

Unique Scatters: In some video slot games, where scatter symbols are used to launch a bonus game, they must appear in a specific pattern, such as x amount on specific reels only once each spin, to unlock that feature.

Wild Scatters: Scatter symbols that also act as wild symbols are another scatter symbol you can come across. And when those wild scatters appear, you’ll have an excellent chance of winning large.

What Are the Signs That a Game Has a Scatter?

Most games have a Paytable accessed directly from the gaming screen. A box will appear after you click the Paytable icon. All backend information on signs, including scatters, wild and bonus components, and other information related to that slot found here.

It’s always a good idea to look over the Paytable before you start playing. That way, you’ll be able to comprehend the game’s possibilities, including all of the symbols, such as scatters, wilds, and bonus icons, and how they work individually, as well as winning combinations and payouts, and how additional features are triggered.