Different Types of Bets In Sports Betting

Different Types of Bets In Sports Betting

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If a player wants to be an expert in sports betting, he must gather complete detail regarding the various types of bets. Understanding the type of the bet will help the player to place the right bet at the right time. After going through its detailed analysis, the selection of the bet to be placed can be done. Let us discuss in detail the various available options:

  • Money line bet

This is the first and the most popular kind of bet available as an option for the players. Generally, if the players are betting on baseball or hockey, they prefer to place the money line bet. However, if the player prefers to place the bet on the team Money line, then, in that case, it means that the player is placing the bet on the team’s winning chances.

  • Point spread

This is another type of bet that is placed by most of the players. Placing this kind of bet means that the player is placing the bet on the margin of the team’s victory rather than just on the winning of the specified team. In this type of bet, the minus sign denotes the points a particular team will win. On the other hand, the positive sign denotes which team will be the underdog.

For example, if the team is priced at -7.5, then it means that the team will win by 7.5. This is a type of bet known as the run lines or the puck lines.

  • Over/under

This is the kind of bet known as the O/U bets or the totals. This is mainly the bet that is placed on the number of runs that are expected to occur between both the available teams. In this type of bet, the number of scores each team will make does not make a difference. Instead, what matters is the total score of both teams.

For example, suppose a game is organized between the two teams; the point total of the game is 44. And in case if the final score of the first team is 20 while the other is 16, then, in this case, the combined score is 36. So, in this case, the under is the kind of winning bet.

  • Parlay bet

A parley bet is mainly the bet that is placed on the multiple winnings of the players. These are somewhat similar to the point spreads. In case the player is planning to place the multiple bet at the same time, then, in that case, this type of bet will be the best option. A person needs to make proper analysis before placing this type of the best as it involves multiple betting.

  • Prop bet

This is a kind of bet that has a somewhat different idea. In this type of bet, the bet is not placed on the players’ winning chances. Instead, the prop bet is the one in which the person places the bet on the performance of the players.

If the player prefers to the ทางเข้า SBOBET, then, in that case, we will get all the types of bet as an option. Players can select the best bet as per their convenience.